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John Andrew Wilhite-Hannisdal is a composer and double bassist living in Oslo, Norway. 

John Andrew works with musicians and artists in both Europe and the Americas, performing and creating a variety of projects based in both the development of new techniques, and in reframing older and neglected material from the past.

In the US, J.A. collaborates with musicians and composers such as Derek Baron and Elliott Sharp, while in Europe he works with with Katt Hernandez, Andreas Røysum, Nana Pi Aabo Larsen, and others. He is also active creating music and sound for theater and dance performances. Notably collaborating with playwright Finn Iunker. John Andrew has worked on projects that draw material from as far ranging sources as eastern european folk music, hymns from colonial america, childrens songs written by Theodor Adorno, and the mating calls of codfish. 

His compositions and arrangements have been performed at series and festivals such as Interpenetration (AU), Sacred Realism (DE), METEOR (NO), and the Ultima Festival (NO), and at venues such as The Norwegian National Opera. For the next three years he will be participating in the VOeX program at The Norwegian National Opera. (What is VOeX?)

John Andrew is holds a Masters degree in double bass performance from the Norwegian Academy of Music, where he studied with Håkon Thelin and Dan Styffe. His project focused on the music of Stefano Scodanibbio and Håkon Thelin, as well as his own double bass compositions. 

John Andrew has a degree in Music Composition from Reed College (Portland, Oregon), where he studied with David Schiff.

He studied at the New School for Jazz and Contemporary Music (New York) as a pupil of Reggie Workman. .

John Andrew also studied Russian art and philosophy. He worked for philosopher Boris Groys at NYU and was research assistant to Evgenii Berstein at Reed College.

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