Walter Benjamin's Death: an ongoing investigation with playwright Finn Iunker

Composer John Andrew Wilhite-Hannisdal and playwright Finn Iunker present a series of operatic works centered around the death of Walter Benjamin. These works are constructed from remains and allow the documents, objects, and images surrounding the incident of Dr. Benjamin's supposed suicide to tell their own story. So far their work has been performed at the Ultima Festival, METEOR 2017, and the  Dramatikkens hus Julefest 2017.

cop tears

cop tears is Derek Baron, Cameron Kapoor, John Andrew Wilhite, and John Welsh. in their attempts to restore music to life cop tears troubles the lines between practice and art, harmony and sound, cooperation and coincidence.

In 2016 cop tears released their arrangement of John Cage's 13 Harmonies on the Reading Group label (NY), and Recital Program (LA)

Their recording of the Selected Compositions of Theodor W Adorno is forthcoming.



john andrew is developing a new way of playing the double bass. by using both hands on the fingerboard, john is able to achieve pianistic agility while sounding two simultaneous bi-tones. john is exploring the harmonic implications of these bi-tone relations, and how they fit with and/or alter the harmonic relationships of the strings in fourths tuning. john andrew is currently working on his second solo album which will debut these works.

bicipital is a musical collective consisting of Noah Punkt, Brad Henkel, Cam Kapoor, Ståle Liavik Solberg, Derek Baron, and John Andrew Wilhite.


The collaboration between the double bassist John Andrew Wilhite and guitarist Elliott Sharp juxtaposes the technical developments both have made and explores the similarities and influences between the two instruments.

Elliott Sharp/John Andrew Wilhite

Katt Hernandez/J.A.

Katt and John are an acoustic duo who focuses on improvised and folk music from around the world- our textures are blend contemporary playing style and technique (borrowing from both jazz and classical idioms) with the melodic and often repetition based fiddle musics from across the globe from the Balkans to the Appalachians to the Caucasus mountains.

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john andrew wilhite