John Andrew's compositions are investigations of relationships: relationships between forms, bodies and ideas across history, and out in the world. His projects bring him into contact with such diverse mediums and materials as codfish, broken tape machines, German baroque literature, and hands. John Andrew often participates in the performance of his own work, and these works often include improvisation and chance elements. This might imply that the relationships articulated through the works exist and continue outside of indivual performances, as opposed to the idea that the work is closed and ceases to develop as a living entity upon its completion.

Double Bass Works

John andrew is developing a new way of playing the double bass. By using both hands on the fingerboard, john is able to achieve pianistic agility while sounding up to four simultaneous bi-tones. John is exploring the harmonic implications of these bi-tone relations, and how they fit with and/or alter the harmonic relationships of the strings in fourths tuning. John Andrew also is exploring how these techniques relate to other musical languages such as jazz and american folk music. John Andrew has installed pickups in his fingerboard in order to be able to amplify and record these bi-tone relationship.



Apart from double bass works, John Andrew Works primarily with opera. Opera for John Andrew offers a format to explore the theater of history, which includes history as a system of signs and objects, a completely external humanity which tends towards the utopian directed towards the living & history as a phantasmagoria of human desires projected onto the dead. John Andrew's work problematizes our engagement with historical material and forms: not only musical forms, but also larger aesthetic forms such as the archive and the museum.

John Andrew has completed 3 operas and is currently completing a commission from The Norwegian National Opera. Two of the completed works are collaborations with author Finn Iunker, and John Andrew is currently writing an opera about the Paris Commune with Iunker, and composer Bernhard Bornstein.

Walter Benjamins død i Portbou 

Historical Materialism

Eternity and its Double 

Sound Installations

In much of his work, John Andrew uses microphones and pickups in order to make audible hidden relationships and facts. In addition to using microphones in his operas and double bass work, John Andrew is currently working on recordings in the city of Paris, as well as a sound installation of codfish mating calls.

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Other Compositions

John Andrew has written works for, among other things harpsichord, symphony orchestra, jazz ensemble, antique objects, and unusual quartets. See the soundcloud list in the top right of the page for samples. 

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